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Swivel seat with locking catch
The stair lift seat swivels, and locks
in postion, making mounting and
dismounting from the stair lift easy
and safe. The stair lift will not
operate unless the seat is in the
correct riding position.
Pressure sensitive safety
There are 5 surfaces / edges
that stop the stair lift in event of
a collision with any obstruction
on the stairway. These are
located around the footrest, and
on the top and bottom of the
ACORN Superglide Stair Lifts are
controlled by, either the
mechanical 'joystick' fitted to
the seat arm, or by way of the
infra red remote control
handset, two of which are
supplied. The mechanical
controls over-ride the remote
controls. The remote controls
are ideal when there are 2 users
in the house so that the lift can
be 'sent' or 'called' up - and
downstairs. The wireless design
means that there is no unsightly
wall mounted wiring or control
Mounted on the carriage of
the stair lift is a digital
display, which shows clearly
when the lift is in the normal
operating position, and also
provide invaluable diagnostic
information in the unlikely
event of a fault with your
stair lift.
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