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Independent mobility is your
connection to the rest of the
world. It allows you to remain
active, improving your quality of
life. It's your personal freedom,
and that is important to us...
that is our job... that is
Trus-T-Lift. Safety, comfort and
convenience were Trus-T-Lift's
number one design
The Trus-T-Lift is an exterior
porch lift used primarily for
lifting persons with physical
disabilities from the ground
level up to the main floor of
their home. It is designed to
meet U.S. and Canadian
safety standards and can
easily be adapted to various
Innovative Soft Touch Control
Pads for ease of operation.
Direct drive Worm-Gear /
Screw-Nut Drive for
maintenance free operation,
incorporating zero load start for
cold weather climates (drive
system allows motor to get up
to full speed before lifting car).
Expanded Metal Platform
allows full under platform
Keyed Access to control use of
These are only a few of
Trus-T-Lift unique features that
make it the best exterior lift on
the market today.
•        Constant pressure Soft
Touch control pads.
•        550 lb. capacity.
•        8 feet per minute lift speed.
•        Direct worm gear / acme
screw drive.
•        Non-load-bearing back-up
safety nut
•        Low maintenance.
•        Expanded metal platform
with full under platform visibility
and non skid surface.
•        Safety handrail on carriage.
•        8" positive action, reversible
toe-plate for universal access.
•        Emergency manual
•        Fuse box accessible from
the carriage.
•        Quick and easy set-up and
•        Durable epoxy finish.
•        Weather resistant design.
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