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Powerful, Smooth
The powerful rack and pinion drive
system provides a smooth ride.
The Electra-Ride II’s battery
powered system runs exceptionally
quiet in your home.

Reliable Operation
The Electra-Ride II uses two 12-volt
batteries that are continuously
charged by a state-of-the-art battery
charger that plugs into any
household outlet.Bruno’s leading
edge technology assures you
access up and down the stairway
even if the electrical service in your
home is interrupted. The arms
swing out of the way for easy
wheelchair transfers. The arm
release lever is conveniently
located under the seat. The Electra-
Ride II's rack and pinion drive
system provides a smooth ride,
without hesitation when the unit
stops and starts.
Full Value
Electra-Ride II is complete
with a full list of standard
features. Remote call/sends,
45 and 90 degree seat swivel
at both the top and bottom of
the stairs, adjustable swing-
out arms and a 350 lb. rider
capacity are all included.
Similarly priced units either
don’t offer these items or they
are shown only as extra cost

Flexible Seating
With the Electra-Ride II,
seating can be adjusted to
meet a wide variety of needs.
The seat height can be
adjusted from 22 1/2 to 25 1/2
inches. The armrests
independently swing out for
easy wheelchair transfer.

Safe and Affordable
Your lifestyle does not have to
be limited by stairs. So enjoy
the home you love, upstairs
and down.
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