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Auto KneelTM
As the sliding door opens, the rear
suspension lowers to within inches of the
ground. With the vehicle fully kneeled, you’ll
find it easy to enter the van even with manual

Auto RampTM
One touch of a button on the standard remote
opens the sliding door and unfolds the ramp
for wheelchair users. The door may be
opened manually by ambulatory passengers,
and the optional swing-away ramp allows
easy access to the interior.  

Dual Power Sliding Doors
With dual sliding doors, the Entervan is
easily accessible to both wheelchair users
and ambulatory passengers. Each door can
be opened automatically or manually.

Power Liftgate
Chrysler's available power liftgate is
especially appealing to wheelchair users.
Now, you no longer need assistance to open
or close the hatch, simply press a button to
access the rear cargo area and spare tire.
(not available on GM models)  
Remote Keychain
Controlling the
features of the
Entervan couldn't
be easier. Simply
press the button
on the keychain
remote and the
door opens, the
rear suspension
lowers and the
lightweight ramp

Quickly. Smoothly.
Every time.
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