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Concord's Enclosed Vertical
Wheelchair Platform Lift designed
to provide a safe and reliable
means of vertical access for
persons with physical disabilities.

The P.A.L. EN is a 1:2 cable
hydraulic lift and is available in two
standard platform sizes, both with
43 3/8" high barrier side walls. An
emergency battery powered
"backup" system provides lowering
and raising of the lift even during a
main power failure. The
emergency battery is kept ready
and fully charged by the automatic
battery recharging system. Safety
features include under-platform
obstruction sensors, constant
pressure control buttons, handrail,
emergency stop switch, final limit
switch, and anti-slip flooring.

The P.A.L. EN can be installed
indoors or outdoors and will
provide many years of reliable
service with it's high tech
construction and electrostatically
applied baked-on polyester gloss
powder coat paint.
Concord’s Infinity is a
residential elevator designed
to provide a luxurious yet
affordable means of vertical
transportation for multilevel
homes. Infinity’s reliable,
quiet and smooth operation
is ensured by our innovative
hydraulic drive system. With a
variety of cab finishes and
colors the Infinity allows you
to customize your design for
a more personalized look.
The Concord Infinity offers
many features as standard
that are costly extras on
many other elevators making
it the ideal choice when
selecting a luxury elevator for
your home.

At Concord, our focus is on
quality assurance, reliability
and attention to detail. Our
top priority is always
customer satisfaction. When
you chose an Infinity elevator,
you can feel confident that
you are selecting the best
residential elevator available
and we invite you to explore
the infinite possibilities
Concord has to offer.
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